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Sunflowers :

Even though sunflower is not the rarest flower in the world, it is still considered as unique because of its unusual traits. This flower has many similarities with the sun itself. Sunflowers petals, also known as “rays”, resemble sun’s corona. Sending a sunflower bouquet to your loved one also give them some kind of warm vibrancy, as if they get exposure by sunlight. 

The Origin of Sunflower

Sunflower originated from Americas in 1.000 B.C., and after that, they were cultivated as a valuable food source for centuries. The flower's popularity spread along with European exploration to the New World. The rest of the world then began to appreciate its beauty. 

Although sunflower is native to North America, it has spread across the world by export. Native America planted this flower as a food resource. However, modern breeding has emphasized petal size and count over seed production in many varieties. 

Sunflower In Mythology and Culture

It is no surprise that Sunflower often featured in mythology, especially the Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Sunflower has a strong relation to nymph who becomes the flower after losing her love. Victorian flower language ascribes a meaning of gratitude to the dwarf Sunflower. 

Chinese people considered sunflower as a good luck charm for occasion like graduations and new businesses. In paintings, sunflower often appeared in Van Gogh artworks. 

The Meaning of Sunflower

The name for sunflower in English is very literal and taken from its bright sun-like appearance. Its scientific name, Helianthus, is no different as well. It combines the two Greek words for sun and flower. 

Many cultures share similar idea for the sunflower because of its physical characteristic. Some of the most common meanings are:

  • Long life. Most varieties can stand in full bloom for months on end during the hottest days of summer.
  • Admiration. If you admire someone, whether it’s your friend or family member, the best thing you could do is giving them a Sunflower bouquet. It is convenient to send this flower bouquet using flower delivery Singapore
  • Loyalty. A strong bonds and loyalty between two people are represented by the strong and upright stem.
  • Positivity. People nowadays seem to have issue in positivity and strength. Work burden, peer pressure, and financial problem are some of the issue they might have. Giving sunflower bouquet to them can increase their positive energy. It is represented by the bloom that turns to face the sun. 
  • Increasing mood. The yellow or orange petals can brighten your mood.
  • Good luck and lasting happiness. Chinese culture really believe that sunflower brings luck and happiness to them. 

Although yellow is very common for sunflower, they also have another colour like white, orange, brown, multicolour, etc. Each colour represens different meaning, so it is important to understand their meaning before sending them using flower delivery Singapore. Colour meaning in sunflowers are

  • Yellow. Yellow sunflower has a strong connection to happiness and a long life. 
  • Brown and Burgundy. This colour often represent loyalty and support.
  • Orange and Red. A link to strength and positivity.
  • White. Like white lilies, white, or cream sunflower also symbolize innocence. 
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