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Buy Table Flowers in Singapore - Get Free Same Day Delivery :

Table flower is a flower arrangements that usually placed above table surface. This flower arrangement is made from a series of flower put into certain container, such as basket, vase, jug, or any glass container. When you think your home is lack of colour, placing table flower on top of your table or any furniture such as drawer, cupboard, etc, can create a vibrant ambience.

You can get your table flower from the nearest flower shop or even florist Singapore. It is possible to DIY your table flower using certain technique and materials. Need an inspiration? Here are some idea of table flower arrangement for you.

1. Tropical Touch

Feeling bored with a plain container for your table flower? Be more creative and use fruity container instead. Use a solid fruit which can stand above a flat surface to do this job, a pineapple can do. Hollow out the core of the fruit and turn it to an outstanding container for your flower. Let your creativity flow, and pick blooms to match the fruit container. 

2. Pretty in Paint

This technique is super simple and easy. You just need an empty jar and paint. Use paint to dye the empty jar. The idea is to create a hand-dipped look inside your jar. Try to combine the paint colour and match it with the flowers you had. 

3. Pitcher Arrangement

Do you want a blend of cozy yet rustic feel look? Try to use polished white pitcher rather than a vase. You can adjust the volume of flower to the pitcher container. 

4. Cute Carton

Using an empty eggshells as your flower arrangement? Why not! You can recycle the carton of egg into a pretty planter. Even though it is a delicate material, with proper treatment, you can prolong your table flower age. 

5. Perfume Bottle Arrangement

Have an empty perfume bottle? Don’t let it go waste! You can reuse this perfume container for a petite flower vases, especially for the wonderful ethereal lily of the valley. You can also mix and match with bottle shapes and colourful flower varieties. After you’ve gathered a variety of vital based on your personal taste, cleanse them with dish soap and mild vinegar before adding the blooms. 

6. Tea Cup Arrangement

Filling teacups with rosebud blooms for a table decoration is a unique idea you can try at home. Kids will find it cute, yet adult will think it is sophisticated enough for their gatherings. 

Another great function of this flower arrangement is to beautify a wedding table. This is what we called as flower centrepieces. If you type “florist near me” on google, there are a lot of flower shop which sell this particular arrangement. You can find it in florist Singapore too. 

Flower centrepieces played an important role in wedding ceremony. The reason is because the guests who attend the wedding will be staying on their designated table in a rather long period of time. With the help of the centrepieces, they are able to have a comfortable stay at their own table.