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Roses :

Rose flower until this time is still considered as a flower of love. There is nothing more powerful than sending rose flower to your loved one to express your feeling. As a language of love, roses can convey a beautiful message to your recipient beyond words. Do you still hesitate to deliver a rose bouquet to your significant other? Here are some reasons to convinced you. 

1. Roses Express Feelings Without Words

For some of us, expressing our feelings through words might be a bit difficult. This is where a rose bouquet can ease your problem. Since rose flower speaks universal language, your recipient will understand what your intention and feelings are. 

2. You Can’t Go Wrong, It’s a Sure Thing

There is a chance to make a wrong choice if you decide to buy your girlfriend or wife a piece of jewellery or perfume for example. But you can never go wrong with roses, unless your special someone has certain allergies. Of course you can ask your florist for help on which flower bouquet can suit your need.

3. Giving Roses Is Thoughtful

Giving roses to your significant other can make him/her feels special. They would appreciate your effort to get to florist and pick out some special roses for them. Even when you decide to use flower delivery Singapore service instead, you still put a lot of effort to have a conversation with the florist and to spend your money too. 

4. Roses Provide Lasting Joy

Especially for women, when they receive your rose bouquet, they will immediately feel happy. That feeling of joy lasts for longer than just a moment. After receiving your flower, they will be busy arranging that flower. Modifiying and arranging the flowers into a vase or other container is sure a fun thing. 

5. Roses Has a Colour For Every Season

Every season has a special emotion. Spring brings better weather and hope, summer brings joy, fall and winter bring the holidays. The best thing of giving roses to other is they’re very flexible and can always fit regardless what season you’re in. Just remember to choose the right colour for the right season. 

6. Roses Gives You Versatility

Roses meanings are not limited to love message. It also conveys a different message depending on what colours they have. 

  • Pink Rose expresses admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, or sweetness to the people you love
  • White Rose can represent new beginings and also implies purity, innocence, and charm. This rose is traditionally used in weddings.
  • Yellow Rose can signify jealousy and infidelity. But in modern times, this variety often associated with friendship and cheer.
  • Orange Rose symbolizes passion and can also indicate enthusiasm, desire, and excitement.
  • Lavender Rose can say “I love you” beyond words, especially when it is love at first sight.
  • Peach Roses signifies modesty, sincerity, and gratitude. Giving a bouquet of peach roses to someone means you say “thank you” to them indirectly.
  • Salmon Rose radiates similar energy as orange roses does. It symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. 
Have you made up your mind on giving flower bouquet to your significant other? Try using flower delivery Singapore to make it a lot easier.
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