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Condolences Flower Stands :

Expressing condolences to someone who had experienced loss can be difficult for some of us. We want to comfort them through our words, but at the same time, we don’t want to accidentally hurt their feelings or make them even more sad. When you were in this situation, giving condolence flowers or condolence wreath can be a good solution. 

As you may already know, flowers, including condolence flowers has meaning that words fail to capture. One of the meaning is sympathy, thus it is thoughtful to send flower in a form of condolence wreath to a sad occasion. If you want to know more which flower symbolize sympathy or similar meaning, here are the list. 


Red Carnation has a strong relation with love and admiration, making them one of the most suitable flower to give on funeral ceremonies. White carnation, on the other hand, have innocence trait. It is the best choice to give if the person being remembered was quite young when they passed away. 


Chrysanthemums in East Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan is regarded as a symbol of mourning and grief. In Europe, they’re associated with death and are rarely found in flower bouquets except for funerals. 


Orchids not only have an elegant shape and enchanting colours, they also perfect for funeral, especially when your recipient has experienced loss of a female loved one. Traditionally, pink and white Orchids will do the job, as they show sympathy for the family and admiration for the deceased. 


Lily often regard as representation of rebirth and renewal. It is a powerful symbol of the spirit of a loved one, thus it is perfect for your condolence flower. The white colour of the lily also symbolize purity and youth, making it a perfect choice for the funeral of someone who has died young. 


Although we often see roses as a symbol of love and passion, some of the variation can be fitting in funeral occasion. Take white roses for example, that tends to represent purity and innocence, similar to white lily. Peach roses represent sincerity and gratitude, making it perfect to be given to family whose loved one has blessed your life. Pink roses represent gratitude as well. Yellow roses on the other hand, express friendship that utter your support. All of these colours make great sympathy gifts for a grieving family. 


If you want to express your sorrow and regret, other than cliché support, you should send a bouquet or table flowers of hyacinth to the mourning person. Sometimes, it is best to accept the sadness in order to release the pain, and Hyacinth allows your recipient to do so. Let them know that you are aware of their suffering and that you care and want to stand by their side. The purple hyacinth can conveys this message, and this simple sentiment is often just what the family needs. 


The gladiolus is a beautiful representation of strength and character. If you give gladiolus to the grieving family, that means you are encouraging them on what a wonderful people they are and helping them to get through their sorrow. 

Have a thought to pick one of the flower for your condolence wreath? No need to hesitate, if you are still confuse to pick the right flower, you can consult it to florist near you. They will give you the best advice according to your need.   

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