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Buy Preserved Flowers Singapore - FREE Same Day Delivery :

Preserved flower looks as fresh as cut flower. However, this flower can stay longer for up to 3 years. It’s hard to tell the difference between this flower and the fresh one regarding the texture.

You might be wondering how this preserved flower were made. The fact is, this flower made from real flower, not silk, fabric or any synthetic material. If you live in Singapore, you can find preserved flowers Singapore by typing “florist near me”.

Choosing preserved flowers Singapore as your gift, can give you certain benefits. First, your recipient will hold the flower longer, because preserved flowers Singapore can last up to 3 years, depending on storage or environmental conditions. On the other hand, fresh flowers only last for one week or less. They don’t need to replace your gift in a short periode of time. It means, preserved flower produces less waste. 

Another benefit to pick preserved flower instead of fresh or dried flower is because you can modify them easily. You are able to change the colour of preserved flower according to your taste, then you can also arrange the flowers to suit a certain occasion. 

Don’t be afraid to use flower delivery Singapore sevice to deliver your flower, because the quality of flowers while shipping is never been change.  

Preserving flower is not an easy task. There are some procedures we need to follow in order to create a beautiful and long lasting flower. For roses, special non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals are used to draw out the water substance along with protein, sugar and pigments.

The rose is then injected with another eco-certified chemical solution which gives it’s shape, smell, and even colour. The whole process takes one to two weeks. 

Only the strongest species of roses that can be used, because not all species can survive this tough process. Each flower is carefully selected and cut only at the peak of their bloom.  

When you are searching for preserved flower in flower delivery Singapore, you might realize that the price range is a little bit expensive than the fresh flower. It is related to preservation method explained above.

Only the highest quality flowers that can be used for preserved flower, the chemical to preserve the flowers are made from non-toxic, cosmetic grade substance, which is not cheap in price and only 30-50% flowers meet the stringent quality control standards. The rest of them are failed and damaged 

Here in Outerbloom, we have some enchanting preserved flowers Singapore which deserves your attention. We put these flowers to certain media, such as acrylic box, glass dome, crystal terrarium, and wooden box to make the look more appealing. Available in various colour like red, pink, golden, white, black, blue and combination of colours, preserved flower from Outerbloom can showcase their perfection that can melt one’s heart.

Most of our roses were imported directly from Ecuador and they can last for up to 3 years. Chosen by our flower experts, these gifts are perfect for your loved one.  

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