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Showing affection to your loved one or someone important to you is not hard. Besides through your words, you can also send a flower bouquet as a non-verbal message. Flowers can even transcend a message that words failed to capture. The good news is, a flower bouquet can suit almost all occasion, including..

Graduation Ceremony

Graduates have been through a lot until finally they hold their title. Completing thesis and passing the exam are two challenges they should deal with. Thus when the graduation day come, it is not an exaggeration to celebrate their phase of success. Sending a graduation bouquet to them is the easiest yet meaningful way to celebrate this occasion. 

Which flower we should hand to recent graduates? Any flower with bright colour would work for the event. However, be sure to know each meaning of the colour in your flower bouquet. Yellow flowers are symbol for success and joy; purple flowers can also symbolize success along with dignity and accomplishment. On the other hand, orange flower represent enthusiasm, passion for life and excitement and green flowers symbolize a new beginning. 

Mother’s Day

No words can describe how grateful we are to be born in this world. Thanks to our mom, a person who has gave us life and took care of us to this time. If you want to show your sincere gratitude to her, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion. Giving a bouquet as Mother’s Day flower is the simplest yet impactful way to please your mother. 

Need suggestion? Here are some flower that would work for your bouquet,

  • Tulips: Tulips were known as flower that only bloom in the spring, so it’s seasonal flower and ideal for Mother’s Day.
  • Asiatic Lily: Asiatic Lilies are a dramatic flower and it has large size and multi-coloured options. Including this flower to your bouquet will make a sweet statement. 
  • Pastel Roses: We often see roses as love expression to our beloved one, however, roses can also signify other love language, such as care and gratitude, thus it is perfect for Mother’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentines’s Day has been the most favorite day for most couples for years. It has been customary to exchange gifts on this special occasion. Valentine’s Day flower are preferred among other gifts, as it can conveys message of love to your valentine. If you are not sure to pick the right flower, choose roses instead. Roses, especially red and pink roses are the favorites of lovers on Valentines day. Its meaning stemmed back to Victorian times as love right. 


We love birthday, but we love receiving birthday gifts even more. Giving a birthday flower as a gift is never been outdated. Actually, you can choose any flower from florist near you and give it to the birthday’s guy/girl, however, did you know that there is something called birth flower? Giving birth flower to people correspond to their birthday month, will surely make a huge difference. Here are some of the example:

  • January: Carnation and Snowdrop
  • February: Violet and Primrose
  • March: Daffodil and Jonquil
  • April: Daisy and Sweet Pea
  • May: Lily of The Valley and Hawthorne
  • June: Rose and Honeysuckle
  • July: Larkspur and Water Lily
  • August: Gladiolus and Poppy
  • September: Aster and Morning Glory
  • October: Marigold and Cosmos
  • November: Chrysanthemum
  • December: Narcissus and Holly


Expressing condolences to someone who has experienced loss can be difficult for some of us. We want to comfort them through our word, but at the same time, we don’t want to accidentally hurt their feelings. When you were in this situation, giving condolence flower or funeral flower can be a good solution. Some of flowers you could choose for your condolence wreath are carnation, roses, lily, chrysantemum, etc. 

Actually, there are much more occasion for flowers to fit in. When you are attending wedding ceremony or grand opening, a flower bouquet is probably a must-have item to bring with. Thus, it is always thoughtful to pick flowers over other items as a gift. 

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