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Buy Hampers Delivery in Singapore - Get FREE same day Delivery :

Hamper is a large basket with a cover for packing, storing, or transporting articles (for instance food or laundry). It is very common for Singaporean to give hamper Singapore to each other. They are using hamper delivery Singapore to send this gift to colleague, family members, or their loved ones.

The Tradition of Giving Hampers

A long time ago, giving hampers has a strong relation to social philanthropy and charity. In the Western up until the mid 20th century, the hamper was a basket that could be carried by the donor and then handed to the recipient.

Because of the limited size, there wasn’t many food ingredient inside the basket. It can fulfil the necessity of recipient for one to two weeks. Beside its content, the basket itself was very usefull for farmers to carried their load.   

Another tradition of giving hampers is Christmas hamper. This is a traditional gift containing small nonpersihable food items, particularcly seasonal favorite, like fruitcake, chocolate, nuts, jam, biscuits, honey, smoked or dried meats, etc.

In the US, Christmas hamper (or more usually called a gift basket) does not necessarily contain food items. Inconsumable item such as luxury bath items, beauty product and skincare are usually featured in this basket. 

The Advantages of Giving Hampers

You might be wondering what is the benefit of giving a hamper Singapore to your recipient instead of other gifts? Well, the main reason is that hamper is very practical and most of people like it. Type “gift hamper Singapore” on your keyboard and you will find many great alternatives hamper people would like. The other reasons are:

1. It Is A Thoughtful Decision

We sometime feel hesitation when giving something to people who we don’t really know their fondness about. Giving a hamper can end up this hesitation, since hamper is very versatile and can be given to any occasion. Just type “gift hamper Singapore”, and you will find the perfect match for your gift.

2. Saving Money

When choosing for the perfect gift, prices often be the main obstacle. It is very hard to find a great gift yet friendly price online. Making a basket of some unique essentials or even some personalized items could be a considerable alternatives that sticks you to the budget. It will save your money, goes well with the policies and also seems attractive to the receiver. 

3. Modifiable

Your recipient would never feel bored when receiving your hamper, because you could modify hamper by yourself. Wanting to put together beauty product and food into your hamper? No problem, you can always do that and it is acceptable. You can mix and match any product your recipient like, even the products you manufacture in your own company. However, it is important to not to exaggerate your hamper. Too much stuff inside your basket would not only make your hamper looks unappealing, but also make it difficult to carry and unpractical.