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A collection of flowers in a creative arrangement is called a flower bouquet. You can arrange your flower bouquet for home decoration, public buildings decoration, or maybe give them to your significant others.

Flower bouquet often given for special event, such as birthdays or anniversaries. These flowers are also used extensively in weddings. 

When you decided to purchase a flower bouquet as a gift, you will realize that flower bouquet are classified into some different popular shape and style, including nosegay, biedermeier, cascade, posy, round, composite, hand-tied, cresent, pomander, and so on. 

1. Nosegay

Nosegay bouquets are round bouquet which consist of a tight bunch of flowers cut to uniform in length and style. The bouquet are packed in very tighly, and wraped by accenting fabric or wire. 

2. Biedermeier

Biedermeier arrangement has similar concept with nosegay. However, Beidermeier arrangements align the flowers in concentric circles around each other, creating a striped look on your bouquet. 

3. Cascade

Using greenery and rustic-style blooms, Cascade bouquet can give a literal waterfall effect, as if the flowers poured out of your hand. This bouquet has a gorgeous tapering look. 

4. Posy

Posy bouquets have a petite form and they are perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls. Being a classic choice for brides, a posy bouquets consist of a small round bouquet which is tied with a decorative ribbon. You can easily hold this bouquet with one hand. 

5. Round 

Round bouquet is the most well-known type for wedding ceremony bouquet. This is a bigger version of the posy bouquet. They create a round shape on the top of bouquet full with bloom of flowers. 

6. Composite

Composite bouquet can be made using a series of buds, petals, and blooms. The materials are wired together until it looks like a single, giant flower made from smaller flower. This bouquet is very complicated to make, so it is better to let the florist arrange it. 

7. Hand-tied

Opposed to their counterpart, a hand-tied arrangement can be arranged easily by yourself. This bouquet looks exactly what they sound: A cluster of flower tied together with ribbon. It’s pretty popular among brides nowadays. 

Florist uses many flowers to arrange their bouquet. Among all of flowers, roses might be one of the most widely used flower for bouquet arrangement. A bouquet of roses comprise many message that words can’t replace. A rose itself is long considered to be a symbol of beauty and love. Romantic writers and poets have used the roses as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion, and true love.

If you think a bouquet of red rose is quite boring, you can modify your own bouquet of roses using different colour. But be careful and choose the colour wisely, because every colour represent a different meaning. 

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