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Tulips :

Tulip flower is often associated with The Netherland and they were frequently depicted in Dutch Golden Age paintings. The flowers are usually large, showy, and has bright colour, typically red, pink, yellow, or white. Even though Tulip flower is not as popular as rose flower, giving a tulip bouquet to your significant other is still relevant until this day. 

Tulips In Many Cultures

Many people think that Tulip flower comes from The Netherland, since this flower often associated with that country. But the fact is that the “Tulip” name itself derived from Persian word for turban, delband. However this is likely due to a bad translation rather than an actual connection since Persian citizens loved to wear Tulips on their turban.

In Turkish, Tulips are called lale (from Persian: “laleh”). This flower was also associated with house of Osman. This is the reason why we can find many Tulip patterns on Turkish tiles, mosques, fabrics, crockery, etc. The era during which the Ottoman Empire was wealthiest is often called the Tulip era or Lale Devri in Turkish. Turkish people also regard Tulip as a paradise on earth. Many religious and secular poems include Tulip in their artwork. 

Iranian has a folklore regarding the story of Tulip flower. Iranian believes that when a martyr dies, a red Tulip grows from where he has fallen. This is why the shape of emblem of Iran is chosen to resemble a Tulip, in memory of the people who died for Iran. 

Tulip Flower Meaning

Even though Tulip bouquet is not the fanciest gift for your loved one, they still deserve your attention due to symbolism and meanings they have. This flower bouquet is perfect for enduring love between partners or family members. Abundance, prosperity, and indulgence are also several values this flower bouquet can represent. 

Many florists provide various colours of Tulip bouquet in their store. If you want to try sending one of these bouquet using flower delivery Singapore service, you should pick the right colour, because each colour represents different meaning. 

  • Yellow Tulip is a colour of spurned love. When you fall in love with someone, but he/she likely never love you back, it’s wise to pick yellow Tulip for them. Sending this flower means you love them, but you know they don’t return your feelings.
  • Bright Red is the colour for passion and perfect love. Sending this Tulip bouquet to your beloved one is the most suitable. It would be very awkward if you send this bouquet using flower delivery Singapore to your family member. 
  • Purple Tulip has a strong relation to royalty, but also abundance and prosperity. Try to send this bouquet on a certain occasion that related to achievement like graduation ceremony, wedding ceremony, or else. 
  • Pink has a less intense of affection and love. If you want to express your subtle love, sending this Tulip will be perfect. It is also more suitable to send this colour of tulip to your family member or your close friend than sending the bright red one. 
  • White Tulip represents a clean slate, humility, honor, forgiveness and starting anew. It is also very common to be given as an apology or presented at funeral. 
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