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Lilies :

Lily flower can be found almost everywhere all over the world. They extend across Europe, most of Asia to Japan, south to India, and east to Indochina and the Philipines. Lily flower typically adapted to woodland habitats (often mountains), or sometimes grassland habitats. In Southeast Asia, they can survive in marshland and epiphytes. 

Lily flowers are perfect for lily bouquet not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also its significant meaning. Lilies have contributed a lot to our civilization today. 

The Meaning of Lily Flower

Lilium is a latin term and was derived from the Greek term “Leirion” (commonly assumed to refer to the white Madonna lily). This was the first word for flower, if we trace it back to numerous civilization. Greeks and Romans held Lily in very high regard. They include it in dozens of their religious myths. Alchemist sees it as a lunar plant with feminine trait. 

In China, lily is a high demand for wedding ceremony, because its name sounds like the start of phrase wishing the couple a happy union for century. Lily bouquet also should be given to family members or friends who recently have lost their loved ones. It is believed that this flower bouquet can ease their sorrow. 

What Does Lily Colour Mean?

Before sending your flower bouquet through flower delivery Singapore, it is important to learn some meaning of lily colours. As explained above, some lilies are fit for funeral, but some might be not. In order to send your message accurately, you should also pick your lily colour right. 

  • For funeral, white lily is the best choice to give. It symbolizes purity, chastity, and virtue. Christian regard it as representation of Virgin Mary.
  • Lilies with striped pink colour, known as stargazer lily, means ambition and encouragement with difficult challenge.
  • Yellow and gold lilies generally symbolizes good health and healing. It is perfect to give this bouquet to your friends or family member who are sick or not in a good health condition.
  • Bright red lily speaks passion and works great for weddings and proposal.
  • For friendship, Peruvian lilies or Alastroemeria is the perfect choice. 

Types of Lilies for Your Flower Bouquet

There are a lot of options you will have, if you have decided to use flower delivery Singapore to send your flower. These recommendations might be good for you to choose. 

  • Calla Lily - This flower has a classic trumpet-shape form and is available in various colour, like pink, purple, yellow, orange and white. Calla lily is best fit for special occasion, for instance a birthday party or holiday event. 
  • Martagon Lily – Martagon lily has a downward-facing flowers and whorled leaves. Combining Martagon lily and other types of lily would make your bouquet looks more appealing
  • Longiflorum Lily - Known as Easter lily, Longiflorum lily often used for Easter decoration. With large trumpet-shaped flower which ranges from six to seven inches, this fragrant lily has a pure white colour. Its petals are curled downward. 
  • Candidum Lily - Candidum lily grows a basal rosette of leaves during winter and dies at the following summer. Candidum lily often refers to a pure white version of the Madonna lily (L. Candidum).
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