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Grand Opening Flower Stands :

Starting a new business is a great accomplishment. It requires a lot of effort and patience until all of your hard work pay off. Thus, celebrating your new business or your new business fellow is not exaggerating. 

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a new business. The most popular one is holding grand opening. Anyone who attend grand opening ceremony would recognize the new business and probably other businesses that have sent congratulations flowers there. 

Yes, sending congratulations flowers is a good option for both the new business and the sender. It would create awareness to your business as sender, and give chance to your community to get to know your business better. 

It’s time to consider which flower would do the job. Remember that not all flower is compatible for grand opening occasion. You should choose carefully the right flower based on their meaning. Here are some flowers that are frequently used as grand opening gift. Some of them are common for flower stand Singapore

The Daffodil

Giving flower that symbolizes a new beginning is perfect for grand opening. The daffodil is known for its symbolism of new beginnings and rebirth, therefore, it is perfect to give it to your business fellow. This flower also often associated with spring, thus Daffodil is commonly given as present for New Year’s Eve. 

Other message the daffodil conveys are love, sympathy, desire, and affection. 

However, you should be careful on giving a single bloom to your recipient, because it represents misfortune. Be sure to give more than one, a flower bouquet of daffodil or a daffodil flower stand would be better. 

The Calla Lily

Calla lily earned a huge popularity among brides and bridesmaid, since it is often arranged into bouquet for wedding occasion. 

Although calla lily is often used for wedding bouquet, it is also common for grand opening. It was during Victorian time that calla lily depicted Virgin Mary and the resurrection of Jesus and as a result was often given as a gift during the Easter period. 

There are numbers of calla lily you can choose out there. If you are in Singapore, you can meet flower stand Singapore that consist variety of calla lily colours other than white. Each colour communicate different meaning; yellow means friendship, black means mystery and purple being associated with royalty. 


Originated from North and Central Europe, Daisies come in many types across the world. However, each have one in common – they symbolize a new beginning. 

Daisies are ideal to be given to someone who experience a new beginning, including a new baby being born. They evoke happiness, joy, and prosperity. 

Have you find the right flower for the grand opening of your fellow business partner? Whatever flower you would pick, it is very important to think about how to deliver it properly. Flower stand for grand opening is often come in a big size, so using flower delivery Singapore service will help you a lot. 

The benefit of using flower delivery Singapore service to deliver your flower stand Singapore is it is practical. Besides, you can save more time on delivery process.  


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