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How to Make Your Cut Tulips Last Longer In 6 Simple Ways

People love to add tulips to their mixed flower bouquet in order to amplify its beauty. To get tulips,  you can either take some from tulips garden or purchase it from florist Singapore.

Make Your Cut Tulips Last Longer Outerbloom

WHILE arranging tulips into your flower bouquet, it is important to note that tulips cannot last longer. However, you can create certain condition to prolong the age of your cut tulips and making it look fresh all time. Here are some tips you can do at home. 

1. Cut The End of The Tulip’s Stem

Tulip has a different trait than other flowers. It can still grow in vase, even up to 6 inches or more. Thus, it is ok to cut the stem while the buds are still closed. It is recommended to get a longer cut from your tulips garden. So, you can cut the end of stem little by little to make it fresher. 

2. Choose The Right Vase

After getting your long cut of tulip, it is best to place it in a tall vase. Go with a vase that is at least half as tall as the flower stems. As you cut the tulips down, you can change the vase with the shorter one. 

Remember to remove all bacteria inside the vase first by washing the vase clean. Also, make sure to rinse away the soap. 

3. Add Fresh Cold Water

Many people think that vodka, pennies, or gin is good for tulip in vase, but the benefit of adding these substances to tulip’s vase have never been proven. Cold fresh water works best for your tulips. For longer lasting flower arrangement, remove any foliage, such as leaves below the water line. This foliage will decompose quickly and contaminate the water it's left in. 

4. Place Your Vase of Tulips Correctly

Fresh cut tulips are geotropic and phototropic, meaning that their growth is affected by gravity and light. Tulip’s bloom will always bend toward sources of light. Although it is good to locate your vases adjacent to sunlight, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or heat. Tulip’s growth will seek the source of light, so it is okay to placing it in indirect sunlight. 

5. Change The Water Regularly 

Be sure to keep the water fresh and cold, so change the water regularly to do so. This will prevent harmful levels of bacteria from developing in the water. Flowers kept in a cool location in a room will also last much longer. 

6. Help The Water Absorption Using Toothpick

In a few days, your cut tulips will get droopy and its absorption ability will decrease. To increase the ability, you can stick a pin or a toothpick through the throat (at the very top level of the stem), making a small hole. This will help revive your beautiful tulips.

The beauty of cut fresh tulips is indeed temporary. However, if you know the right treatment, the tulips would last longer, making your flower bouquet looking fresh longer. 

If you feel getting tulips from a garden is too much of a hassle, the easiest way to get long lasting tulips is from florist near you. In Singapore, you can deliver tulips or any other types of flowers to your loved one using flower delivery Singapore. 

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