These 4 Preserved Flowers Are The Best Romantic Gifts

Unlike any other gifts, flower has been regarded as the most versatile gift that can fit in all occasion. Unfortunately, flower is a temporary gift. How can you make your gift last forever?

WHETHER it is birthday party, grand openings or even Valentine’s day, flower would always be preferred. 

It can capture strong emotion and transcend a message beyond words. In terms of Valentine’s day, people tend to give flower to their loved ones as a representation of their love and affection. Thus, flowers are popular during this romantic day.

Unfortunately, flower is a temporary gift. It can wither, along with its beauty, especially if you don't treat it carefully. However, if you want your longlasting feelings to be represented by a more long lasting flower, you can choose preserved flower instead.

Preserved flower can stay looking fresh for at least a year (and can be kept for up to 10 years). To make preserved flower even more romantic and attractive, you can put it inside an acrylic container. Here are some preserved flower Singapore for your inspiration.

Enchanted Doom

Remember Beauty and The Beast? In that movie, Beast has an enchanting rose inside an acrylic dome. Now you can live up the fairy tale and give your own Enchanting Dome to your loved one using online delivery Singapore.

Outerbloom's Enchanted Dome features roses from various color, such as Jet Black, Passionate Red and Rainbow Pastel. The dome is equipped with elegant ribbon. You're going to be a prince charming for your loved ones.

Enchanted Dome - Passionate Red, SGD 285.00; buy here


Crystal Florarium

If you want unusual container for your single bloom, you could choose Crystal Florarium and send it using online delivery Singapore. The name represents the form of container.

Crystal Florarium is a single bloom placed in a flower bed in an unique crystal-shaped acrylic, usually used to place terrarium inside. Crystal Florarium is not only common for gifts, but also home ornament. 

Crystal Florarium - Tiffany Blue, SGD 235.00; buy here

Heritage Box

Giving single bloom inside wooden box? Why not! In Outerbloom, you can choose Heritage Box to fit your taste. It is a box that feature single bloom and equipped with high quality wooden frame and a glass on the lid.

Heritage Box - Angelic White, SGD 150.00; buy here


Another option you can choose in Outerbloom is Astoria. If you want to hand over elegant yet simple gift, Astoria is absolutely a great choice. It is a single rose available in various colors placed in square box made from glass, very elegant and suitable for Valentine gifts.

Astoria - Champagne Gold, SGD 125.00; buy here

What should your recipient do after receiving preserved flower from online delivery Singapore? The answer is simple, keep it away from sunlight and treat them carefully.

Even though preserved flower can last for up to 10 years, a humid temperature could still reduce its lifespan. A good container will reduce the effect of humidity, that is why Outerbloom's preserved flowers are always come with a high quality container.

If you want to clean your preserved flower, you could do it gently. The more long lasting your flower, the longer you feelings last, the longer your recipient experience your romantic feeling. So wait no more, choose your preserved flower now! 

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