The Colours of Tulips and Their Meanings

Rose is undoubtedly recognized as a language of love. But did you know that tulips also convey similar message?

TULIPS was originated from Persia in the 1500s. At that time, tulips were cultivated in Turkey. Tulips got its name because of similarity to the “tulbend”; a turban worn by Turkish men. 

Besides being recognized as a symbol of love, tulips also carry other meaning depending on what colour it has. Some colour might be suitable for your tulip bouquet

1. Red Tulips

Red tulips are the most common one, and you can find this red tulip bouquet easily in florist Singapore. Red colour evokes feelings of passion, love and sincerity, thus it is very recommended for younger couples.

2. Orange Tulips

Orange tulips typically used to convey a mutual understanding between two people, but not necessarily couple. Giving orange tulip bouquet means that you feel connected with the recipient, both physically and spiritually.

3. Pink Tulips

Pink tulips also transcend a soft and mild caring message to recipient, even though might not as agressive as the red one, but still meaningful. It is very appropriate to give pink tulips to friends or family member. 

4. Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips used to represent hopeless love, jealousy and other gloomy feelings. But in recent years, it has been associated to a much brighter meanings. Yellow tulips are now a symbol of happiness, cheerfulness and hope. You will bring a big smile to anyone who received this bright colored tulips. 

5. Purple Tulips

For a long time ago, purple was regarded as an expensive colour. Only the wealthy ones could afford to wear fabric in purple. In fact, in the 1500’s Queen Elizabeth I actually forbade everyone except royal family from wearing purple.

But now it is all changed. Anyone can wear purple, but the image of luxury and elegance is still there. It is applied to tulips as well.

6. Blue tulips

Blue tulips is probably the most uncommon colour we can find on tulips colour pallet today. But it exists, thanks to a couple of clever plant breeders. Blue tulips represent individuality and uniqness, so be sure to hand this flower to the right recipient. 

Knowing tulip meaning of each color is very important in order to avoid miscommunication with the recipient.

If you still hesitate on choosing which colour will fit your need, you can combine some colour into one single bouquet and sending it using flower delivery Singapore or other delivery service. Mixing tulips colour into one bouquet will not change each tulip meaning. 

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