Different Types of Lily for Your Flower Bouquet

Lily bouquet can be given to your significant one in any occasion. Since lily bouquet provide versatility, it should be no problem to give this flower bouquet to your loved ones in any important event such as graduation ceremony, wedding party or even Valentine’s Day.

Different Types of Lily for Your Flower Bouquet

WHY should you choose lily bouquet instead of other flowers? First of all, lily flower has a multiple meaning which symbolizes virtue in human history.

In Greek mythology, lily flower was regarded as a representation of goddess of Hera. It also symbolizes purity and innocent. And then based on the colour, lily also conveys a different meaning. White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue, while orange lilies convey pride and confidence and stargazer lilies mean wealth and prosperity.

Using lily as your flower bouquet arrangement can really make your bouquet look more enchanting. So, which lily you should put on your bouquet arrangement? Here are the type you may choose. You may find some of them in florist Singapore.

1. Calla Lily

Make your bouquet looks luxurious and elegant by combining Calla Lily into your arrangement. This flower has a classic trumpet-shape form and is available in various colour, like pink, purple, yellow, orange and white.

Bring smile to your loved ones by sending this bouquet on special occasion, such as birthday party or holiday event. Calla lily can be found easily on flower delivery Singapore.

2. Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lily is pretty popular among other types of lily. This is also the easiest one to grow. You just need a place where sun exposure is high to grow this flower. It’s almost anywhere even in your garden. With a broad division of colour range, Asiatic lily gives you a colourful yet exquisite look of your bouquet.

3. Martagon Lily

Also known as Turk’s Cap lilies, Martagon lily was first cultivated in the Netherland in 1819. This kind of lily has a downward-facing flowers and whorled leaves. Unlike its counterparts, Martagon lily opposed to hot and humid climates.

They also have trouble adjusting to a new garden, but once it is adapting, the flower would thrive. You can easily combine Martagon lily with other flower to make your bouquet look more appealing.

4. Candidum Lily

    Artifacts depict Candidum lily in ancient cities of Crete, Greece, and Mesopotamia. It has a bulbs forms at ground level. Unlike other lilies, Candidum lily grows a basal rosette of leaves during winter and dies at the following summer. Candidum lily often refers to a pure white version of the Madonna lily (L. Candidum).

    5. Longiflorum Lily

    Known as Easter lily, Longiflorum lily often used for Easter decoration. With large trumpet-shaped flower which ranges from six to seven inches, this fragrant lily has a pure white colour. Its petals are curled downward. Easter lily is a well-known flower in Japan and Taiwan. Based on Japanese writings, Easter lily is native to Japan. It’s a perfect flower to bring on a wedding ceremony.

    So, have you find your inspiration for your lily bouquet? No need to worries, most of lilies explained above can be found if you search "florist near me". You can also use service from flower delivery Singapore to send your bouquet to your significant other.

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