7 Colours of Lilies, Their Meanings and Symbolisms

Who doesn’t like lily bouquet? This flower bouquet is very versatile, can be delivered for almost any occasion, from weddings to funerals. It also carries significant meaning for the recipient. 

7 Colours of Lilies, Their Meanings and Symbolisms

HUMANS across cultures have already recognized lily as a meaningful flower. In Ancient Greek, 2,400 years ago, lilies held a reputation for being one of the most majestic flowers. It was believed that Hera, Zeus’ wife, created lily while her drops of breast milk fell to the ground. 

In China, lilies are still being used in weddings. Chinese people signify lily as a flower of 100 years of love. Assyrians and Babilonians associated lilies with goddess of fertility, Ishtar.

In general, people around the world regard lilies for having good trait, the same goes to lily’s color. Every colour of lily signified different meaning, such as:

1. White Lilies 

White lilies are a symbol of purity and modesty. The message white lilies tries to communicate is the feeling of being in heaven. Thus it is often given as a condolence flower or an expression of sympathy. In addition, white lilies are also compatible for bridal flower bouquet. It conveys the purity of love and commitment in marriage. 

2. Pink Lilies

The colour of pink in general stands for love, admiration, compassion, femininity, and understanding, which is also applied to pink lilies. If you want to show your love or compassion to your mum, aunt or sister, choose pink lily bouquet. The vibrant colour of pink lilies will impress them. 

3. Yellow Lilies

Put a smile on your loved one’s face by sending them yellow lilies. It will evoke happiness, joy, and lightheartedness. It can also symbolize a long lasting friendship and gaiety. If you value your friendship, try to give this yellow flower bouquet to your best friend. 

4. Orange Lilies

Orange lilies radiate brightness, just like yellow lilies. It symbolises energy, warmth, confidence, and satisfaction. When you want to celebrate someone’s achievement, give orange lilies to show your respect. Orange lilies also works for expressing gratitude to a particular person that had accomplished something important in their lives, for instance graduation ceremony. 

5. Purple Lilies 

Purple lilies are often associated with royalty. The purple itself in old era is regarded as an exclusive colour that only royal member could wear. Because of this, purple lilies can be seen as a symbol of royalty, privilege, and passion. 

6. Red Lilies

Everyone knows that red has long been associated with love and passion. The same goes to red lilies. It conveys the message of love, thus it is perfect to be given to your loved one during Valentine’s Day. 

7. Colour Combination 

Even a combination of lilies in your bouquet can also signify different meanings. In other words, red and white combination means love and purity, while a mix of yellow and white means purity and happiness. Giving red lilies together with pink lilies can amplify its love message. 

Every colour in lilies represents different meanings, so it is important to pick the colour carefully before you send it using flower delivery Singapore. If you’re not sure about what colour you should pick, ask florist Singapore to get more information. The right colour you give, the right message it conveys. 

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