5 Mesmerizing Wedding Bouquet Types

Choosing flower bouquet for wedding’s day might sounds simple. However, it could be very daunting. We sure want a mesmerizing wedding bouquet that suits the occasion, as it supposed to be our happiest moment. 

THERE are various flower bouquet for you to choose, not only some traditional rose bouquet. One of them maybe suit best to your wedding. The followings are some of the best and mesmerizing wedding bouquet for bridal occasion. 

Presentation Bouquet

If you think traditional rose bouquet look dull and boring, try to hold presentation bouquet at your wedding’s day. It is an arm sheath bouquet that carried by bride during wedding ceremony.

The flowers include in this mesmerizing bouquet are long stemmed flower, such as calla lilies, delphiniums or long-stemmed roses.

The reason why it is called presentation bouquet is because the bride carried it in her arms in the style of an actress at the end of a show. 

Cascade Bouquet

The cascade bouquet is a type of bouquet that showcase the flower as if it is flowing from bride’s hands towards her feet. This bouquet also called shower bouquet and can be extremely large in terms of size.

The modern version of cascade bouquet has smaller form and often known as teardrop or trail bouquet. 

Basket Bouquet

For outdoor or garden weddings occasion, bring along basket bouquet for bride or bridesmaid can be a perfect choice.

This bouquet is very popular for this occasion due to its rustic charm and partly because the flowers can be arranged in oasis inside basket, thus they won’t wilt quickly like other types of bouquet. Bridesmaid can carry it easily.

Tussy Mussy Bouquet

The form of tussy mussy bouquet might look similar to nosegay bouquet, however, tussy mussy bouquet often carried in a small vase made from metal, while nosegay only wrapped by accented fabric or wire.

The metal container of tussy bouquet enhance its look a notch more luxurious. You can also change the container with other material, such as porcelain or any luxurious material, according to your wedding scheme.

Although this bouquet is a bit hard to find, you can still get it by typing “florist near me” or getting it from flower delivery Singapore. 

Fan Bouquet

Another unusual wedding bouquet for you to choose from is fan bouquet. It consists of plastic fan interwined with flowers and leaves and it is perfect for a vintage wedding.

The shape is very striking and it stands out as very different from traditional bridal bouquet. Like tussy mussy bouquet, fan bouquet is also hard to find, unless you order it via flower delivery Singapore. 

It is not exaggeration to choose the most mesmerizing and charming bouquet for your wedding’s occasion.

These bouquets can help you to create beautiful weddings and making the event stay longer in our memories. So, make sure you’ve got everything you need and you know where to get all of those, like in florist Singapore  

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