5 Best Choices of Standing Flower for Grand Opening

Unlike other types of flower arrangement, a standing flower for grand opening is more luxurious. Usually, it is arranged from a selection of fresh flower varieties with a special meaning to it.

5 Best Choices of Standing Flower for Grand Opening

STANDING flower has been the go-to gift to show our appreciation to friends or colleagues for many events, such as weddings, promotions, graduations, and also grand openings. Standing flower for grand opening is specifically given for official openings of buildings, stores, offices, restaurants, and other businesses.

This type of standing flower comes in every shape and size, also in any type of flowers and colours. If you are still looking for the best standing flower for grand opening, we have compiled 5 options for you to choose!

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest, $ 90.00; order now

This colourful standing flower is perfect for that quirky types of business that had just opened its door. The combination of pink and yellow gerberas, mixed with purple balloons emits a cute and playful look. Displayed on top of a 120-cm cardboard box, the Bountiful Harvest can be the right gift for an opening of a dessert shop, toy store, or a beauty salon.

Booming Business

Booming Business, $ 150.00; order now

This unique standing flower displays two groups of flowers, sunflowers and birds of paradise on one side, and gerberas and roses on the other side. Elegantly stood on a red platform, the Booming Business wishes a successful and prosperous years ahead for the business owner.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening, $ 250.00; order now

Consists of hydrangea, lilies, carnations, eustoma, and eucalyptus, the Grand Opening standing flower is a beautiful arrangement for any events. The delicate colour and flower type combination will surely draws attention and adoration. Give this exclusive flower stand to wish your colleague a great success in their project.

Tale of The Richest

Tale of The Richest, $ 300.00; order now

One of the best standing flowers, the Tale of The Richest flaunts a simplistic yet luxurious design. This arrangement only consists of three types of flowers/fillers, which are mokara orchid, carolina jasmine, and jungle bush, but the effect is quite dramatic. By presenting the Tale of The Richest to your business partner, you are wishing them all the fortune and riches in the world.

Sincere Congratulations

Sincere Congratulations, $ 320.00; order now

Red is the colour of passion, bravery, and prosperity, which is the meaning of the Sincere Congratulations standing flower. This vibrant arrangement consists of red-coloured birds of paradise, gerberas, and gingers, also mixed with fillers and tropical foliage.

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