4 Reasons Why Preserved Flower is The Best Gift

Have you ever imagined a rose that will never wilt? Nope, we’re not talking about edelweiss or artificial flowers. It’s something better, a preserved flower called the Forever Flower which might be the best gift idea for your loved ones. Here are 4 reasons why.

4 Reasons Why Preserved Flower is The Best Gift

A LOT of people think that giving flowers as a gift is a waste of money. Naturally, in a matter of days, any flower will wilt down and ends up in the trash. But,what if the real flower you gave to your loved one lasts for years? Wouldn’t it be the best gift for them?

If you’ve never heard of this so-called “forever” flower, the idea might seem to be too good to be true. But, it IS TRUE.

Outerbloom’s Forever Flower is a preserved real rose. The selected roses were carefully handpicked and went through natural preservation techniques. Unlike artificial flowers or plastic flowers, the Forever Flower is real flower!

Beside for its everlasting bloom, there are 5 reasons why Forever Flower can be the best gift for anyone you love.

Easy Maintenance

Yes, the Forever Flower is a preserved flower that requires zero to minimum care. It no longer need the sun or water to keep blooming beautifully. The only thing you need to do occasionally is clean the case from dust and store it in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.

Exclusive Display

The Forever Flower comes in 4 different styles of display package, the romantic Crystal Florarium, the rustic Heritage Box, the sophisticated Astoria, and the elegant Enchanted Dome. Choose one that fits the personality of your loved one and see them smile!

A Stunning Highlight in Any Room

As a preserved flower, the Forever Flower can last up to 3 years with the right care. Thus, it can be used to decorate any room in your house or office. Place it on the credenza to light up the foyer or put it on your computer desk.

Interesting Choice of Colours

Outerbloom’s Forever Flower colour varieties are not just your average red or pink. Some of them are uniquely bold and fierce that it will blow anyone’s mind away. For example, check out the Pastel Rainbow colour that has a sweet combination of soft purple, blue, and peach.

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