4 Reasons Why Outerbloom Is The Best Online Delivery Singapore

Finding the best flower online delivery Singapore is not easy because we want to make sure our loved ones receive the gift in a perfect condition. Since a long time, flowers are considered to be the best gift choice. It seems that everyone in the world agrees with this idea. However, sometimes a flower arrangement as a gift is also considered boring and too ordinary.

4 Reasons Why Outerbloom Is The Best Florist for You

IF you also has the same idea, maybe you should start thinking about an "out of the box" concept of flowers arrangement. Well the "out of the box" here can also literally mean "inside the box".

Yup, a single preserved flower in a box like Outerbloom's Forever Flower can be an alternative choice of flower arrangements that are more modern and elegant. Not only does it presents a premium style, the real rose displayed has also gone through a natural preservation process, so it can last up to 3 years, way longer than your average roses.

If you think your loved one deserves something better than ordinary flowers, this is the time to switch onto a pemium florist, Outerbloom which provides online delivery Singapore.

So, what makes Outerbloom special?

1. Various styles to fit their personality

    Outerbloom provides various selections of flower arrangement styles, from fresh flowers to preserved flowers, from bouquet to table flowers, and from rustic to modern style. These array of assortments are also available in different type of flowers, such as roses, lily, sunflower, and many more.

    You can choose one that fits your loved one's personality best. With the best online delivery Singapore service, the Outerbloom team will make sure your arrangement is delivered beautifully fresh to the destination and make the recipient's day.

    2. Beautiful rose in a box

    Forever Flower, Outerbloom's latest design flaunts a single Ecuadorian rose in an exclusive box. No need to be afraid of flowers falling apart like ordinary flower bouquets. When your loved one receive it, they will surely be fascinated by the rose's beauty and elegance.

    3. Everlasting flower

      Why waste on something that will wilt in just a few days? This thought often discourages people from buying flowers. Well, it doesn't apply to Forever Flower because it can last forever. Yup, these preserved roses can be the best choice.

      These specially-treated roses will not wilt even though time has passed a long time. With the right maintenance, it remains in full bloom for 3 years. Sophisticated, huh?

      This is because the flower preservation process uses natural ingredients that are safe so that the flowers remain in bloom but can also be touched freely. Available in 4 designs, the rustic Heritage Box, the modern Astoria, the romantic Crystal Florarium, and the magical Enchanted Dome, each everlasting rose symbolizes a true forever love.

      4. Sparkling with gold

      What is better than gold? A gold-coated rose that is! You can get this limited edition of gold rose only in Outerbloom. Gorgeously displayed in a premium glass dome, the Enchanted Dome - Gold is the epiphany of a true opulent beauty.

      A luxurious symbol for your one and only love, this perfect gift is available for online delivery Singapore. Just like the definition of love, no matter where the destination is, we will make sure it reaches the hands of the one you love..

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